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Welcome to our digitech blog!In the relentless march of time, the world of technology surges forward without pause. For our inspired team, this means an unwavering commitment to enlightenment, education, and the craft of articulating the intricate tapestry of technology, computers, and digital landscapes through our meticulously crafted articles.

We extend our hand to businesses, offering a gateway to online prominence through listings and the creation of digital footprints. Our aspiration? To not merely follow the strides of tech titans but to complement their endeavors, augmenting the realm of knowledge with insightful narratives on computers and technology through our blog.

There is no turning back on the hand of clock regarding computer and software technology advancement. Our team, inspired as it is, will at all times continue to educate, train and write in-depth articles on technology, computers, and digital reviews and analysis. We offer business listing and help you  have digital prints for publicity and online presence. See all our listings. We hope to help scale up efforts, and complement what other leading players are doing, by posting well-informed, thoughtful pieces about computers and technology on our blog.

Our objectives

  1. Illuminate the realms of computer and software technology through informative and instructive content.
  2. Empower businesses by facilitating their digital presence through directory listings.

In our pursuit, we strive to bridge the chasm of the digital era’s evolution, channeling the spirit of the late Mr. Habil Elijah Bulimo. His legacy, shaped by unwavering dedication and a deep commitment to community service, inspires our endeavor. His influence, felt in the remote villages of IlunguVihiga county, echoes a testament to an individual's power to uplift a community.
, driven by this legacy, aims to carry forward this beacon of change through the digital space. Our aim? To touch lives, especially the vibrant energy of the youth, leveraging the digital landscape for a holistic transformation

Your active role

Join us on this exhilarating journey. Explore our blog, immerse in our tech content, and journey with us through the labyrinth of software applications. Your insights and feedback will mold us, as we strive for continuous improvement.

Engage with us, for your participation is the catalyst for our growth. Support our initiatives at Softpro Computer Institute, empowering the next generation of tech leaders. And occasionally, discover jobs opportunities through our platform and esteemed partners like Google.

Together, let's script a digital revolution—one keystroke at a time.




Our collective skills, from our teams at fjsbulimo and the training wing, Softpro Computer Institute boasts among others, skills in:

ERP Tally
Computer Applications
1) Middle East Office. Shuwaikh Road, Jahra Mall, 1st floor, Jahra, Kuwait. 2) Africa Office. Ashmi Plaza, close to KCB, Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
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