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Fjsbulimo announces and promotes careers on this platform from various sectors in the technology sector. Check out the provided links for the current jobs on offer. We do due diligence to publish credible sources of careers from leading industry players.  Our blog section has all articles on computers and software technology. You can contact us to submit an article at

Working at fjsbulimo

We post opportunities for computer and software technology writers and content writers. We guide them to rediscover and upgrade their talents. Fjsbulimo molds them into accomplished professionals and hence, gain personal growth. Our business approach is reinforced through our motto, "change must come". We endeavor to create opportunities for more people wherever they are. We believe in abundant opportunities so much so that, if you can't get an opportunity with us today, our partners including Google will have something for you. It doesn't end there, check Digital Careers: New Digital Careers to Pursue . View vacancies on Google official site Google Careers.


Please exercise great caution to any suspicious email or even call communication. Scammers may purport to contact you in relation to jobs that have not been declared on our site, or on the official Google career section as per the link provided. This might result in the suffering of financial loss, and or identity theft as a result of paying money or your own individual information to those giving such fraudulent communication.

Read our Privacy policy and any well wisher support to help us in our other programs we run in training women and youths through Softpro Computer Institute, can be done through:


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