Customer Relationship Management: Ultimate Business Solution!

What is a Customer Relation Management?

Customer Relation Management is a system used in sales departments. They are used in order to keep track of and give an informed analysis of the organization's leads and clients or customers. Customer Relation Management is a process where a business or organization engages its customers through data analysis from a large pool of data.CRM tools collect and stores information from customers for better analysis. It stores :
  • Email addresses
  • Client names
  • Contact numbers
  • History of made purchases.
The process is accomplished through automating lead segmentation. This eventually will inform scoring tasks checking for the most likely leads for conversion, or need more persuasive language, and which leads are unlikely to convert.Most CRM software is automatable to help offer the best solutions to the most mundane jobs in a sales team.  An example is that it stores information about your clients in the most user-friendly manner and in order.

Examples of CRM software

Customer Relationship Management tools

In an organization, often times you meet scenarios where the sales team is storing customers information data in several excel sheets. As a result and over time, there is bound to occur task conflicts, and mix up of how employees handle a particular customer. The data over grows beyond the capabilities of the spreadsheet program at some point.
  • A CRM tool therefore solves a myriad of problems as per the example highlighted, and the result is a proper and efficient system that cuts on a whole lot of other organizational challenges.
  • Times spend manually scoring through a heap of paper trails and passing over leads is cut drastically.
  • Accessibility of all data in one central point is made possible through installation of a CRM tool.
  • CRM tools helps to automatically create new deals according to your own preferences and rules, and scheduling tasks for new leads.
  • They store and organizes data about the organizations and clients you deal with, stakeholders and so on.
  • The system helps to separate every deal profile, and its associated details including e-mails, DM/PM, chats, notes and scheduled programs on timeline.
  • They have analytical features and an easy to use customizable dashboard unto which you can detail any metrics that are important to your company.

What is the advantage of CRM?

In a company, the sales and marketing department become more efficient and effective because of CRM. Sale manager come to understand their clients in a much better way, hence creating an avenue for a better engagement. CRM makes the sales team to position better their sales target, and identifies profitable clients to the company. It helps in monitoring performances on periodic intervals and thus come up with appropriate means to create content that is targeted to specific groups of customers and general marketing strategies.


Employee productivity is enhanced and increased because there is less of paper work but more of automated processes. A sales team for example can put more focus on other important company tasks than wasting time on repetitive tasks.

Customer Loyalty.

Because of the nature of a CRM to hold the all important data as pertains to each customer, companies are able to identify problematic issues and arrest them. They can manage customer expectations by offering tailor made products or service. CRM transcends and covers a large number of customers and process them on timely manner.


Regardless of the geographical location, CRM is available through cloud solutions and hence very convenient.

What is operational CRM?

A system which is connected with sales department, marketing department, and support as well as customer division in its functions is what is called operational CRM. All departments and divisions work in a collaborative manner on a platform that transcends barriers. Team heads interact with other departmental heads, and data stored in a CRM which helps in making informed analysis. The data stored can be appointment scheduling, follow ups assignments, sorting of leads, tracking work performances and complaints among other tasks.

Advantages of Operational CRM

  1. Efficiency in Sales, Service and Customer support divisions
  2. Brings about closer Collaboration of the marketing, sales, and customer division heads and their team mates
  3. Data stored can help the company analyze customers’ data and hence offer targeted product and services
  4. Automation of the many functionalities likewise appointments scheduling, follow ups, leads management, performance tracking, complaints tracking by knowing the status of the task assigned.
  5. Helps the management to take and make timely decisions

What CRMs Do not Do

  1. CRMs do not sort out back-end organizational operations like finance, stores, shipping etc.
  2. To have high effectiveness of the system, then the work force or team should work leads within the operations of the system.
  3. Certain CRM are developed to handle data management only but others have many features that can handle a multiple of functions including sales automation, quotations, invoice like WP ERP to help in general business management and increase efficiency.

Implementing a CRM?

The taste budding is in the food. To understand how a CRM can bring a turnaround in your business then you must invest in one. Fortunately, you can choose a free trial that most vendors offer to ascertain all the good functions mentioned and not mentioned in this article, and also you can try out WP ERP's CRM and sales and marketing automation software by signing up for a free demo.If  have you good experiences about  CRM, you can comment through the comment section and exchange notes.
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