Digital economy: Its impact on Africa

Africa’s first Google Cloud status

For a long time, Africa as a continent has been regarded as a dark continent not fit for anything. This is despite Africa being the only continent endowed with all the natural and human resources. In recognition of this fact, and perhaps to be termed as one of the greatest milestones in history and specifically in this digital economy era, Google has in the past few weeks announced its unwavering intent of establishing the first Google cloud status in South Africa, making it among 35 only Google Cloud global network in the whole world.Our rallying to the people of Africa is to leverage this great initiative by Google, and also with Microsoft and other world-leading tech companies and innovate more because we believe the capacity is abundant if we can harness well the digital economy for Africa. Great innovations have come from Africa such as the mobile money transfer phenomenon, M-Pesa from Kenya by Safaricom
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If the research by AlphBeta Economics for Google cloud is anything to go by, that a cumulative USD 2.1 billion USD will be the amount South Africa cloud region will contribute to the country’s GDP, then this gesture should point to a better future.It is such good news to Africa, more so to the youths who today are grappling with many challenges, to know that Google, as a partner to Africa would be investing up to 1 billion USD in support of programs in the digital discipline that will touch on improved internet connectivity and startup investment. This will revolutionize digital transformation in our continent Africa.

Impact on Economy

A fast glance at the internet-driven economy in Africa shows the great potential to exponentially grow its digital economy to a whopping 180 billion USD by the year 2025. That translates to a 5% plus, of Africa's GDP.Youths, who form a huge human resource should take advantage of first Google cloud status and innovate ways of building online presence, hence market the continent and what it has to offer thereby improving lives across Africa.Google has endeavored to deliver on its commitment so far and making a realization of this policies by partnering with all stakeholders in order to make internet, a more useful tool that will change the sorrow state of a huge unemployment problem a thing of the past. In our small way, through its ICT training wing does similar programs at our institution, Softpro Computer Institute based in the urban poor settlement area of Pipeline in Nairobi, Kenya.

Why Digital Literacy?

We offer literacy programs in ICT to poor youths, in order to unlock the job opportunities brought about by understanding and applying IT skills for income generation purposes. Due to idleness, a fact that lead many into crime and other social vices, our training focuses on instilling in our youths the basics skills in computers and use of internet, a course that enables them handle small entrepreneurship ventures such as internet cyber cafes, content writing e.t.c. You can support our programs here: Support Here!
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Africa needs partners if it has to make strides in the digital space, and as youths grabble with unemployment, lack of resources, and opportunities for growth, we are glad Google through first Google cloud status is delivering on its promise. It is committing both in word and deed, in helping unlock the great benefits of a truly digital economy for our people and enabling easy access to products and investments that will jump start the economy of the sleeping giant, Africa, through its first Google cloud status.

Delivering on our promise

It is worth noting that it is only recently that Google, also put in its plans for Africa, opened one of its kind, the first African product development center in Nairobi, Kenya. This is a major step intended to develop and produce products for our continent Africa and the entire world.As if all is not enough, Youths in Africa should take advantage of the more expanded Al Accra Research Centre to Southeast Asia. It maps buildings in the African continent using Machine Language imageries bringing into focus the importance of the AI facility. The facility is offering African solutions to the world with digital economy through its first Google cloud status. For the African youth, you can learn AI and other courses free with Google.

Supporting African entrepreneurs

Google is supporting African entrepreneurs, nurturing talent among the youths, and helping them acquire requisite skills through scholarships and issuing career certifications to those who qualify from their Hustle academy. Also, a key area of concern to Google has been to grow business and grow talent through initiatives such as Black Founder Fund which in 2021 raised 97million USD in funds and more than 500 youths got jobs.Additional reading:
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