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General Support and Donations

There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up.

- Bernard Meltzer

  • Youths are the custodians of the future.
  • We must nurture them and give them a pedestal standing in society.
  • Your donations and support will help them acquire IT skills and deter them from societal vices.

fjsbulimo writes about computers and software technology content that is both educational and knowledge based on its blog site. Established since 2010, Softpro Computer Institute continues to offer computer and software technology training to many. We are based in the Eastland, Pipeline area, (an urban poor neighborhood found in Nairobi Kenya).

We offer computer literacy training to women and youths. The digital programs offered are geared toward unlocking the many opportunities in the computer and software technology world for job creation and self-reliance. Our facility, despite the challenges of insufficient infrastructure, continues to play these roles now for over 10 years and counting. Contact us and see our Privacy policy statement.

Computer class Computer class session

Your support will greatly help our training unit improve its infrastructure, i.e., increase computer machines, pay ISP for broadband, install software etc., so that our training team can focus with the sole purpose of imparting skills.

In a country where job creation is a major problem, the digital skills we offer are prudent in the application of running business ventures such as bureaus or cyber and alleviate the problem of unemployment. Such programs, tailored towards youths can also be found and trained for free at Google digital garage. See Free digital Skills to learn. Your support will also help us sustain and maintain the administrative requirements to keep this site live.

Far East office
1) Middle East Office. Shuwaikh Road, Jahra Mall, 1st floor, Jahra, Kuwait. 2) Africa Office. Ashmi Plaza, close to KCB, Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
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