A woman blowing a trumpet.
A woman blowing a trumpet.

Empower Through Education

Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of those seeking to enhance their computer and software technology skills. Join us in our mission to empower individuals through education. By contributing to our cause, you're investing in job creation, self-reliance, and community empowerment. Together, we can build a brighter future. Donate today and be a part of our journey towards positive change.

There is no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up.

- Bernard Meltzer

  • Youths are the custodians of the future.
  • We must nurture them and give them a pedestal standing in society.
  • Your donations and support will help them acquire IT skills and deter them from societal vices.

Your generosity enables us to continue offering vital computer literacy training to women and youths in underserved communities. With your support, we can overcome challenges like insufficient infrastructure and provide essential resources for learning and growth.

Every donation, no matter the size, helps us expand our reach and impact. By supporting us, you're not just investing in education; you're investing in the potential of countless individuals to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Join us in making a difference—support our cause today!

Image of a collection bag for donations
Courtesy: Image of a collection bag 

Your generous support will significantly enhance our training unit's infrastructure, including expanding our computer inventory, covering broadband expenses, and installing necessary software. These improvements will enable our training team to concentrate solely on imparting valuable skills to our students.

In a country where job creation remains a pressing challenge, the digital skills we provide are essential for establishing and operating business ventures such as bureaus or cyber cafes, thereby addressing unemployment issues. Additionally, our programs, specifically designed for youths, offer opportunities for free training through platforms like Google Digital Garage. Your contribution will also assist us in meeting the administrative needs necessary to maintain the functionality of our site.

Far East office
1) Middle East Office. Shuwaikh Road, Jahra Mall, 1st floor, Jahra, Kuwait. 2) Africa Office. Ashmi Plaza, close to KCB, Outer Ring Rd, Nairobi, Kenya


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