Virtual Reality (VR) Technology
One of the fastest technology advancements has been in virtual reality. What was hard to contextualize visually is now virtually a reality. Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that helps people enter a space environment and have an almost true experience of things and situations that could otherwise be hard in real life. VRs have been used in training cutting long-run costs for institutions such as medical schools, pilot training schools etc.VR is also widely used in business, and cooperates in streamlining workflows and giving cost-effective work training through special software programs.

VR Experience in Kuwait.

In one of the major technology breakthroughs in VR entertainment in Kuwait, an oil rich country in the Gulf region, VR Tech and its sister company VR Mania have lived to the old adage, ''we lead while others follow". Incorporated just over 2 years ago, the flagships that run under Q8TECH  has scaled milestones to be where it stands today.Through the highest business acumen, and leadership of Dr. Ali and Dr. Waheed, these two scholarly professionals have pivoted the VR entertainment experience to another level in the entire region.From state of the art hardware equipment, to latest gaming software installations, to the highest set up standards of VR shops in Kuwait City, to creation of employment opportunities for local populace and expatriates among other attributes make the two scholars trailblazers in the industry.Among the collaborating companies with VR Tech and VR Mania include Microsoft that provides strong windows operating systems. Steam, Oculus, Pico and VIVE which provide the much-needed high standards of VR hardware and an enthusiastic virtual reality experience to customers.With customers spoiled for a choice, VR Tech and VR Mania, listed on Tripadvisor has a rich collection of games. They include;

Zombie shooting

Picture courtesy. Shooting
You can fight as a single person, alone and be like a real hero, or invite your buddies and shoot the monsters to death! Hurry up and grab a bow to defend yourself from zombie invaders!

Flying game

Step into a virtual world where you experience the craziest adventures and enjoy wonderful VR flying.

Roller coaster

Come to think of it. Assume you are in a train that is running on a never-ending rolling track. You will be scared thinking you are on a roller coaster maneuvering sharp turns and slopes.

Car Racing

Are you ready for a fast and exciting motor race by using simple driving techniques like diagonal passing, near passing, sliding, and overtaking with the feeling of real driving on cardboard? You will enjoy driving super motorbikes.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game in which you slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music as they fly towards you in a futuristic setting.

Baby Shark

Baby Shark Dooo doo-doo-doo VR BABY SHARK… an exciting fun VR game designed for kids. Bring your children to have fun and experience to last a lifetime.

Laser Tag

Come experience VR LASER TAG!!! A multiplayer game, come with a friend and unwind playing this shooting or points game and let us see the winner. With different settings and changing maps, the FUN NEVER ENDS!

Extreme Horror

Where Extreme FUN Starts! VR Extreme Horror Experience will bring you chills!

Fear of Heights

A virtual reality game, with the challenge! Face your fear phobia in the world of VR by completing missions at VR Mania.Discover virtual reality with these fun arcade games. VR Mania Experience is the world's first VR attraction, designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of standalone attractions and optimized for friends and family entertainment centers. Ready for adventure? VR Mania, VR Tech in Kuwait is your ultimate choice.

VR Mania Operational Manual Book

A VR operator adjusting the VR on a client
Picture courtesy. A VR operator adjusting the VR on a client

Car Racing.

The operation and giving to the customer this particular game has easy follow procedures.Steps:
  • A customer boards and sits at the steering
  • VR Operator gives the instruction of the game in the following sequence,
  • The location of pedal for gas or acceleration
  • The Brake
  • VR Operator inquires if the customer has any car preferences. This can be selected using the keyboard or manually at the steering wheel option buttons.
  • The VR operator then clicks the start option to initiate the game on the keyboard. The game proceeds.

Emergency stoppage of the car racing game

Escape key on the keyboard can be used to prematurely end the game. Options will be displayed on the screen and at the bottom of the options there is an exit option. Whatever the case, the customer shouldn’t disembark until the VR operator clicks the exit button to bring the car simulator machine down for easy alighting of the customer.


Sometimes, the car racing simulator can malfunction. A major indicator to look out for is a green light beaming right below the left side of the steering wheel on the dashboard. If it is not beaming, the car simulator will not function because the steering, brakes and acceleration will not function. Any diagnosis of malfunction requires:
  • Restarting the game on the desktop.
  • If this option does not solve the problem, hard rebooting would be necessary. This is done manually. Press the power button until it shuts down. Give a few seconds before re-booting again.

 Roller coaster

Safety is of essence here and is priority number one. The VR operator requests the customer to empty his or her pockets. This is because the game has rigorous motions that could cause dropping of customer valuables.
  • The customer climbs the steps and seats on the simulator chair.
  • If it’s one customer, he or she seats on the right hand side simulator chair.
  • The seat belt is fastened.
  • The hand holding grips are pulled into their right position and hinged accordingly
  • A cleaned hygiene VR is worn and buckled on the head of a customer.
  • Confirmation on clarity from the customer is sought. The customer should affirmatively indicate a clear view in the worn VR.
  • The red knob on the right side of the simulator is locked and the game started.

After the game ends

  • The VR operator first removes the VR from the head of the customer.
  • The operator unlocks the earlier locked red knob on the sides of the simulator.
  • The hand holding grips is unlocked and pushed up
  • The safety belt/s is unhinged
  • The customer is led to disembark slowly


In rare occasions where the game loading on the tablet device is not happening, a quick check on the correct wifi connectivity should be assessed. The Wi-Fi for this simulator at VR Mania is set as (360)If no motion is detected, disembark the customer and perform a hard re-booting of the simulator.

Fear of Heights

  • The VR operator wears the VR.
  • Clicks the oculus button on the controller just once
  • A window opens. Clicks on the option Preset View.
  • Lowers or puts the VR on the ground level mark as earmarked on the surface while holding the sensor tactfully and press the controller just once.
  • Lifts the VR and wears it on the customer’s head to play the game.


  • There are several ways of fixing troublesome issues
  • One can press on and off button on the sides of the Oculus VR. I it does not resolve the problem, the Operator can also try quitting the game app and opening it from the desktop accessible from the oculus.

Creating boundary.

Boundary setting is important. It helps demarcate the area within which one plays his or her game. This is necessary to clear any hindrances or objects that may hinder or cause injuries to the player. Boundary confines the player within a specified area of play.Steps
  • While wearing the oculus VR
  • Press the oculus button just one time on the controller
  • A menu bar appears
  • Look for battery Icon and click on it. Proceed to Guardian option, move to the center of the play area, touch the ground with your controller click and draw your boundary using room scale option. Confirm it!

Laser Tag

Youths playing a laser Tag game
Picture courtesy. Laser Tag
This is a multiplayer game where two people shot at each other to gain most points. At the center of the play area, the operator wears the oculus VR. You press oculus button on the controller to direct into one corner for the player i.e., red corner.  Put the VR on the customer's head and hand over the controller. The controller acts as the pistol in the VR view. Repeat the same for direction to blue corner. Put the VR on the customer head and the controller.Start the game on the monitor after confirming the set view on the screen is:
  • Set to Top View.
  • set the time allowed to play

 Creating boundary.

Boundary setting is important. It helps demarcate the area within which one plays his or her game. This is necessary to clear any hindrances or objects that may hinder or cause injuries to the player. Boundary confines the player within a specified area of play.

Flying game

  • The Operator walks the customer through the steps or ladder provided with face down. The safety belt is fastened. The customer is worn the Pico VR. Clarity is sought from the customer and the game is started.
  • For a good experience of the game, sound should be at maximum 15 bars in the VR, and Bluetooth connected to the external sound speakers.
  • In case of a problem, hard resetting the simulator resolves most pertinent issues.

The Cinema

A customer/s sits and the operator puts the Pico VR to the head of the client. For a good experience of the game, sound should be at maximum 15 bars in the VR. Games available are in horror, dinosaurs, zombies and adventure categories.Troubleshooting.
  • Trouble shooting is by hard rebooting the simulator especially when there is no motion
  • Pull down the blue button at the base and back of the simulator.
  • Switch of the power
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Switch on back the simulator

Shooting zombies

The customer is given rules of the game including shooting and reloading the gun.The VIVE VR is worn to the customer's head. Caution: Avoid touching the front of the VR. Touching obstructs the sensor.


  • Pairing the device would be necessary if the shooting gun cursor is unavailable to enable choosing the options of the game.
  • Confirm the green light behind the processor is on.


The operator sets up the game by:
  • Wear the oculus VR
  • Select the game, creed of rise
  • Select free play option
  • Select your fighter and opponent
  • Select fighting rules and check the 3 boxes: skip intro, rounds e.t.c.
Give the controllers each in its rightful handAsk the customer to click on the option: fight, touches hands and triggers the gameIf it is a small child, or someone who doesn’t speak English, the operator can click on fight to start the game after touching hands.
  • The game begins

Beat Saber

The operator sets up the game by:
  • Wear the oculus VR
  • Select the game, Beat saber
  • Select solo
  • Select your music and beat
Give the controllers each in its rightful handAsk the customer to click on the option: Play and triggers the gameIf it is a small child, or someone who doesn’t speak English, the operator can click on play to start the game,The game begins

Car Racing with VR -Mania

On the desktop, click to open
  • Oculus icon
  • 2 Sim tools icon
  • Steam
Wear the VR, click the oculus button once. A window will open. Confirm the Wifi connected as Empower. Click on the desktop menu using the controller, click to Play Dirt Rally 2.0 version. The game will load.Through a series of keyboard steps, press enter to select relevant options for the gameTo select or create a championship, press FN+F4 keys.

Car Racing-Tech

  • Switch on screen by long pressing
  • Switch on the processor unit
  • Open power Run icon on the desktop
  • Open on the desktop shortcut for dirt
  • Open on the desktop Dirt telemet
  • Open on the desktop Dirt 3 game

Escape Room

  • Open on the desktop setup icon
  • Open a folder VR cavelite by double clicking, select to open Launch saver
  • The operator wears the VR while at the center of the play area
  • Use the controller to press once and initiate a menu bar.
  • Select the app library icon
  • At the top right, see a filter icon
  • Click on it to select unknown sources
  • Through the VR on the head look at the hand gloves and the indicated color i.e. green
  • Move from the center of play to where the computer monitor is.
  • Perform 2 quick succession clicks on the settings button similar to the color displayed on your gloves.
  • Move to touch the controllers at each of the 4 corners of the area of play.
  • Go back to the center of play
  • Confirm the choice
  • Remove the VR with the censor held and put it on the customer’s head while standing in any of the green corners.
If you are in Kuwait City, or you are visiting, include VR Mania and VR Tech in your diary. Conveniently located at the prestigious Avenues Mall and Boulevard Mall, come and have a unique and good experience of these virtual extreme games.
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