IDE Tools: How necessary are they in Programming?

What is IDE?

An integrated development environment, abbreviated as IDE is building application software. It puts together known developer tools into one user graphical user interface, (GUI). 

Today’s programming languages use an integrated development environment, known as IDE. It composes necessary tools which are free to develop. IDEs will have a source code editor tool, a debugging tool, and automation tools for software development.

The choice of a language to use in software development depends on what you want to do with the program, or in other words what you want to solve.

What is the Best IDE for 2022 and beyond?

Opinions vary greatly depending on one’s experiences and interactions. Everyone has their favorite IDE/s. Many IDEs are suited to work with specific programming languages. Determining your programming language will point to a particular IDE/s to use.

Visual Studio

It is a Microsoft Soft-powered IDE that aids developers in website development and bridges different developing teams in live development by allowing sharing of servers and terminals.

IntelliJ IDEA

It is sleek and makes the science of coding in Java more appealing. Code indexing and the ability to automate repetitive tasks are some of its strength factors.


It is an ideal IDE for apple developers. In iOS, it supports swift, C++ and C programming languages.

Android Studio

Android Studio supports both Kotlin and Java language programming. It has supportive features that include push alerts and camera integrations.

AWS Cloud9

This IDE enables developers to undertake their projects no matter the geographical location as long as one has internet connectivity. It has a terminal, a debug tool and a code editor and supports Python and PHP.


As a more popular IDE with most developers, Eclipse cuts across all platforms with its powerful user interface that allows dragging and dropping. It has static tools for analysis, debugging profiling abilities. It best works with java platform although it can support a multiple other languages.


NetBeans ranks high in popularity that works across platform with many programming languages that include Java, JavaScript, PHP, CSS and many more. It is an IDE that help a developer create bug free codes. It is an open source program that a powerful refactoring features.


Despite supporting only Ruby, this IDE can also work well with other programming languages including JavaScript, Sass and others. It is integrated with code completion, syntax and a search option automation features.


This IDE works well in JavaScript programming language and has excellent integration like GitHub, Git and Mercurial to aid in website development.

Programming Languages and the Sector/ Industry

Programming is defined as a set of instructions that tells the computer how to act on execution or perform a specific task. We need programming languages in developing systems in all spheres, sectors and industries.

Meta language (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Python is a very good programming language, but its major strength is in developing programs for Meta language (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Video games

If you have an interest in creating programs for video games, personally I would highly recommend or go for C++. Actually, to have a good foundational grasp in programming, C# language would be a good place to start priority before eventually pivoting to C++. You can always have an edge and a wide choice in your video and gaming career. Most successful games have been developed using C# and most likely, you might not even need to use your C++ knowledge if C# is well learned and appreciated.

Back end

You can toast a coin for either Java or C#. I would give first preference to Java and be well aware that ultimately I would need to backup by going for another language. C# learned as a first programming language has to set stage to learn other new languages much easily.

Front end

Who between Typescript and JavaScript? Professionals in this area will conquer with me that TypeScript and JavaScript are languages used to develop web based application. However, it is agreeable that there will still be a need and room to fully familiarize and learn more about frameworks such as Angular and React. If you intend to use Blazor, then you cannot circumvent learning C# at all cost. 

Full stack

You have to refer back to back-end and front-end skills because full stack is simply those two put together.


Structured query Language or SQL is not regarded as a general-purpose language like the languages we discussed earlier. But knowledge of it will really help for database tasks. Also, for one to efficiently do creation of SQL queries, a further knowledge in Java or C# will be of great help.


Many people who just want to feel what programming is, and do not want to be specific in the reason as to why they would want to pick a programming language, perhaps I would easily suggest Python language. Python, though not a very great language in my own assessment, is an easy to use language, or put easily, it’s a language that comes fully packaged and so you can do a lot with just putting a little code here and there.

Learning Programming

Learning programming should be an interesting thing, fun and worth the while but, it just is the first step and not the end game. Usually, one gets to learn and acquire cogent skills while actually learning a program. The journey has to start somewhere by a single step that would eventually help you cover the many miles..

Most, if not all IDEs are entirely free or have their own free versions which you can use depending on the language of interest you want to learn.


It's used in Data science disciplines, machine learning and fast prototyping


It's application is mainly in Speed critical applications, operating systems, gaming and browsers.


The most reliable and relatively fast language. It operates across many operating systems, (OS). System developers use it in gaming consoles, cell phones, computer applications etc..


This programming language is used in frontend on websites in order to handle overall functionalities or what is called dynamic behavior and effects on websites. It can be linked to a web page back-end by node.js


The software is  predecessor to  hypertext preprocessor language. PHP is used to develop dynamism and bring to live the interactive nature in websites. It belongs to first group of languages that could be imbedded into HTML for adding functionalities in websites without necessarily calling for external files for data.


Both are used in web front-end to create pages that appear on the web. They help in making the appearance of a particular website to look in a particular way in its general lookout. Html is the element in a webpage, for example a button action, while CSS is what will make the button to look like for example color blue.

This is not a conclusive analysis of programming languages. There are many programming languages out there that one can chose and specialize in.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
― Mahatma Gandhi
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